Auspicious Dragon Chinese Character Feng Shui Scroll Painting
The dragon is one kind of honored symbol, utilizes extremely many in the feng shui study.From the ancient times to today, the Chinese zodiac is closely linked with ours life, each person was born all has to belong to own animal, transports the potential, the good luck in making money, the enterprise from the life... And so on, more or less all has the connection influence, therefore in the feng shui theory according to respective attribute and the characteristic, like incurs the wealth, enjoy enjoy a life of ease and comfort... ... And so on.

This Chinese character for auspicious dragon calligraphy scroll painting ornaments position in feng shui: Should better be southeast and near by the East, if says by five positions... Position, then certainly must decorate nearby the left hand.

This Chinese character for auspicious dragon feng shui calligraphy scroll painting was painted by Chinese artist Xie Tian Hai and measures about 11x36 inches.

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