Chinese Symbol for Tiger Feng Shui Calligraphy Scroll
In China the tiger is considered a symbol bravery, power and royalty, in Feng Shui the Tigers stripes symbolize a balanced mix of Yin and Yang energies. Many Feng Shui consultants consider the Tiger to be one of the best protection cures.Chinese Feng Shui calligraphy scroll measuring 11x28 inches and featuring the Chinese character for Tiger. The Tiger calligraphy scroll painting is made using blue/gold silk brocade material and the Feng Shui calligraphy painting is surrounded with white silk brocade.

The Chinese symbol for Tiger on this scroll painting was painted by Beijing, China calligraphy artist Xie Tian Hai. This artist can create a custom Chinese calligraphy painting personalized just for you. The calligraphy painting can contain the symbols for Feng Shui (or other symbols), with and idiom and your name written in small characters beside or below the large characters for Feng Shui.

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