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There are many good reasons to create a Feng Shui bedroom, first of all for your health and second to improve your love life. The bedroom is where many people will spend more time than any other room in their home, so creating a Feng Shui bedroom may improve your life more than changes made to any other room in your home.

Many of the tips you can find online regarding bedroom design will apply to creating a Feng Shui bedroom as well. One of the most important things to consider is creating room that is warm, inviting and comfortable. You need to get a good nights sleep every night if you want to have good health, if you don't sleep well all other aspects of your life will suffer.

How Do I Create a Feng Shui Bedroom?

Creating a Feng Shui bedroom will be different for each person, though many of the same principles will hold true for anyone. Because we cannot tell you how to design a bedroom for every individual, we will offer general tips on designing bedrooms for singles and couples.

First will will discuss general Feng Shui bedroom design, which is a good place to start for singles and couples, later we will provide tips specific to couples.

Please Note: Your own personal preferences should play a big part in any design, these Feng Shui bedroom tips are meant only as a general guide. If you need specific advice we ALWAYS recommend contacting a qualified Feng Shui consultant.

General Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

In Feng Shui the Master Bedroom is considered to be the most important room in a home, so please take your time in making any changes, think about them carefully and make sure you will be comfortable with the choices you make.

General Tips for Everyone

  • The energy should lean more towards Yin than Yang as too much Yang energy in your bedroom will cause restlessness and may cause sleeplessness.
  • AVOID Bright colors, too much red is a big no as it is pure Yang energy, colors that are good would be pale greens, blues and neutral colors like beige and cream.
  • Remove all electronic equipment if possible, especially televisions and stereos.
  • Make sure the headboard of your bed is placed firmly against the wall and that your bed is not under a window, ceiling beam or fan if you can avoid it.
  • Your bed should NEVER be on the same wall as the door. Having your back to the door is bad Feng Shui and if you think about it, it isn't a safe place for a bed. You should also try to avoid having your feet face the door while laying in bed.
  • Try not to use mirrors of any kind in the bedroom (even hand mirrors), but if you must have one place the mirror where you cannot see your reflection from your bed.
  • DO NOT use any pictures, paintings, statues or symbols of fierce animals/people. Make sure your Feng Shui bedroom is a peaceful and relaxing place to stay.
  • Be sure to keep your bedroom clean at all times, a dirty bedroom will cause you stress and make the room an unpleasant place to be.
  • Do not keep water fountains, fish tanks or even symbols of water in the bedroom.
  • The underside of your bed should not be used to store anything, and your bed should not contain drawers like you find under many waterbeds. Keep the underside of your bed clean at all times, sweep or vacuum under the bed every time you clean.
  • Keep your bedroom free of clutter, Chi must be allowed to "flow" through your home. It should not be allowed to flow too fast, nor should it be blocked by clutter.


Feng Shui Bedrooms for Couples

You should start with the tips above, which apply to everyone who wants to create a Feng Shui bedroom.  After you have followed all the applicable tips listed above you may start applying some of the suggestions listed below.  Remember clutter comes in many forms, so don't overdo it.  Too many "cures' are unlikely to create the desired effect, they are more likely to have the opposite effect and make things even worse.

Tips for Couples/Lovers

  • Peonies are a great way to add a romantic atmosphere to your bedroom, the color pink is a good color for bedroom Feng Shui (for couples), just don't overdo it.
  • Use pairs of Mandarin Ducks and pairs of other love symbols, NEVER a picture or statue of a single man or woman as it is a symbol of loneliness.
  • Hang round faceted crystal in a window.
  • The color blue will add youth and vitality to the bedroom.
  • Don't use stripes in the bedroom, they may cause arguments.


More Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

To find more tips for creating a Feng Shui bedroom you may use the search form below to find books on this topic from, or visit your local library to find books on Feng Shui.  Your library is likely to offer many good books to help you create the perfect Feng Shui bedroom. We also think you should consider contacting a reputable consultant.

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