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Before you use Chinese Feng Shui cures you should Feng Shui design your home or office. Cures should only be applied after removing the clutter and redesigning your home or office using sound Feng Shui principles. You can read the Feng Shui Articles we offer to help you get started on the right path, but you should also consult books and consider the services of a qualified consultant.

The Road to Applying Feng Shui Cures

We ask that you seriously consider following these three steps BEFORE you begin applying Feng Shui cures. If your home or office does not have a Feng Shui friendly design, or is full of clutter, then you may not need to apply a cure at all. Start at the beginning, with good design and if you are still having problems you may begin to address them one at a time using Feng Shui cures.

Follow these three steps to get started:

  1. Read the Feng Shui Articles on this site and follow the advice that applies to your situation. Visit your local library to find books or search for Feng Shui Books online. After you have an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish, go to step two.
  2. Now that you have a basic understanding of what you want to accomplish your first task is to remove the clutter from your home and office. Clutter-Clearing Tips that Work by Stephanie Roberts offers good advice to help you remove the clutter. After you have removed the clutter from your home and office, proceed to step three.
  3. Now that you have removed the clutter from your home and office, use the knowledge you gained from reading Feng Shui books and articles to redesign your home and office. This process takes time so don't rush things, give yourself as much time as you need. Be patient, it is far more important to do it right than it is to do it fast.


Ready to Use Feng Shui Cures to Improve Your Life?

If you have used the Feng Shui design principles you read about correctly then using Feng Shui cures may be unnecessary, except in rare cases where things get out of balance or you want to enhance a specific aspect of your life. Feng Shui cures will generate, absorb, deflect or hold chi in place. Cures use one of the five Feng Shui elements or combinations of these elements to generate the desired energy or negate undesirable energies.

Feng Shui Cures May Be Helpful If;

  • You want to find love or bring romance back into your current relationship
  • You wish to become famous or more respected in your current life
  • You want to be financially successful
  • You are trying to bring your family closer together (family harmony)
  • Despite "Feng Shuiing" your home or office, things are still out of balance


Common Feng Shui Cures

Apply Feng Shui cures one at a time, and give each time to work before making changes. you should only apply cures applicable to your current situation, don't just go through this list and apply every cure listed here in hopes that they will solve all of your problems. It is more likely this approach will cause more problems than it solves.

We highly recommend making only small changes at first and giving them plenty of time to work before you make any additional changes. This will help you understand which Feng Shui cures are helping, and which ones are actually making things worse.

To begin you can try some of the common Feng Shui Cures. If your situation requires more specific Feng Shui cures try the ones listed below, just don't overdo it.

Our Favorite Feng Shui Cure and Why

Peony flower paintings, because they promote family prosperity, romance and help single girls find true love. Since this plant has also used as an herbal medicine all over the world for thousands of years, it encompasses all of the cures listed below; love, wealth, health and family.

Feng Shui Cures for Love/Romance

  • Displaying peony flower paintings will help a single girl find true love. The peony is known in China as the "Queen of Flowers" and also are the flower of love and beauty.
  • The color pink, used in moderation.
  • Pairs of objects like mandarin ducks, which symbolize love. Never display a statue or painting of a single woman, as this represents loneliness or invites a third-party into an existing relationship.
  • Remove that single bed from your bedroom, as ingle bed is for a single person. If you want to have a relationship you need a larger bed, which represents your openness to accepting a new person in your life.
  • If it is from a past relationship, toss it out or place it where it will not remind you of that person/relationship. Old love letters, photos and the like are best thrown out, keeping them may represent your unwillingness to move on to a new relationship.
  • "Make room" for a new person to come into your life. Empty one of your dresser drawers, leave a few empty hangers in the front of your closet, clear out some space in the bedroom for this new person to put their things. Even if the person will not move in with you these are symbolic gestures indicating your openness to a new relationship and your willingness to share your space with the new person in your life.
  • If you have "pairs" of anything in your bedroom or home that are not properly matched, toss them out. Remember, you want to find someone with whom you are a perfect match.
  • Pleasant aromas will stimulate your senses, and those of your potential mate. Make sure you, your home and the bedroom all have a pleasant but not overpowering aroma.

Feng Shui Cures for Wealth

  • I-Ching coins in groups of three, tied together with a red ribbon to energize them. Place these on your cash register, or if you work online place them on your computer monitor.
  • Three-legged toad or "money frog" hopping into your home near your front door.
  • Chinese dragons almost anywhere except the bedroom.
  • Mirror behind the stove so you can see twice as many burners (doubles money luck).
  • A fish tank in the wealth area of your home, but never use water in the bedroom. If you can't use a fish tank, try our Yin Yang Fish Chinese Feng Shui Scroll Painting. Fish paintings like this are common in the homes of wealthy Chinese people, because they believe fish bring you wealth. The Chinese word for abundance sounds exactly like the word for fish, so if you say gold fish it sounds like you are saying gold abundance.
  • Peony flowers, or paintings featuring peony flowers.

Feng Shui Cures for Health

  • Keep your home free of clutter, which creates stagnant energy (chi).
  • Keep your kitchen clean at all times, read Feng Shui for the Heart of Your Home to learn more about how important the kitchen is to the health of your family.
  • The colors of white and yellow are good choices to promote health.

Feng Shui Cures for Family Harmony

  • Pictures of your family taken during the good times of your lives.
  • Keep your home clean and remove clutter from the kitchen and dining rooms.
  • The element wood and the color green are important to family harmony, so using plants like small trees are a great way to add these elements. When using plants remember they represent growth and life when they are healthy, but if they are not healthy or they are dying they represent death and decay.
  • Peony flowers are used by the Chinese to promote family harmony and prosperity. You will often find peony flower scrolls hanging in Chinese homes for this very reason.


Should I Hire a Consultant?

I sincerely hope these Feng Shui cures are helpful, but if you are still having trouble after applying the relevant cures listed here, you should seriously consider the services of a qualified Feng Shui consultant. We do not list any consultants on this site, so we have only one interest in recommending the services of a consultant, helping you improve your life.

If you cannot afford to hire a Feng Shui consultant, search for Feng Shui Books at your local library that deal with the specific problem or problems you are having.

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